Lutf Al Khaleej General Trading and Contracting Company

Who we are, Lutfi Gulf established in 2001 and since then it is considered one of the pioneering companies in its fields. In 2017, a store was opened to sell sprouts and amber bulbs. Flexible professional and excellent design agreed upon by everyone who dealt with us and we are not satisfied with this only, we provide our customers with unique and elegant designs as we provide them with high-efficiency hosting services which enables them to distinguish in the market Professional kindness in the Gulf lies in providing simple and effective works for our customers, which allowed us to expand our activities and improve the quality Our products are within a short period of time, and the Gulf courtesy is currently stepping towards producing wood dressing with amber and walls that depend mainly

Our Vision

Definition of needs – begins with the knowledge of the quality of the users to determine the appropriate shapes or ideas for them and able to assist them in choosing the usual and distinctive shapes and designs. We aim to develop production so that it adds to the company and its branches and provides them with labor, time and cost. Study market requirements and analyze them. Quality and production standards so that we can compete the best in our field.
Let the professionals work aside.